About Me

Hi! My name is Cynthia Fullmer and I’m your new Licenced Massage Therapist!

Schooling: I graduated my basic massage program from Health Works Institute in Bozeman, Montana. This was an amazing school that really focused on making well-rounded massage therapists who were educated in several modalities and styles of treatment work. Not all massage schools are created equal, and I feel blessed to have found this one that helped me become a knowledgeable therapist with the specialized skills to help my clients get amazing results.

After graduation, I continued to learn and specialize my education. I am constantly taking Continuing Education classes to become a better therapist. I have received numerous certifications from world-renowned massage instructors like SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) with Dawn Lewis, Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes (world-leading pioneer in Myofascial Therapy), advanced techniques for the knee with Pat Archer (who literally wrote the textbook for orthopedic and sports massage!) I’ve even developed my own signature Trigger Point Therapy technique to fully remove painful trigger points and the problems they cause. And with many more classes scheduled on the horizon, just know, I am always trying to improve my skills so I can help you to the best of my ability.

My Specialty: I use an osteopathic approach to treat the whole body by looking at all the elements that can be contributing to your individual pain or condition. I specialize in Orthopedic massage techniques that focus on structural integration and finding the ROOT causes of your chronic pain then applying appropriate therapy to restore tissue balance and health in order to improve function. If we can restore function, pain goes away and stops coming back.

I am fully certified in Advanced Orthopedic Medical Massage through the Full Circle School and The SMRT Pain Relief Center in Aurora, Colorado. Dawn Lewis is one of the best orthopedic massage instructors in the world and I have had the privilege of training not only with her program but side by side with her directly. SMRT is powerful therapy that only needs to be experienced to be believed.

The advanced techniques I use are often unfamiliar to clients when it comes to massages they have experienced before. During your appointment, feel free to ask questions. I am happy to explain anything and everything that I can. Knowledge is power. The more we know about ourselves and why our bodies act the way they do, the more we can do to help ourselves feel better!

Just for fun: I am not a native of Montana, and if you’ve read the home page, you know I was born in the Azores Islands of Portugal. The RAIZ office is filled with fun things from the Azores so have fun looking around. I grew up as an Air Force Brat, moving all over, so I’ve always searched for the perfect place to plant my roots and grow. ENTER MONTANA! I’m here by very intentional choice and I don’t plan on ever leaving. What a place! If everyone on earth was blessed to live the type of life Montana can offer, the world would be a better place. I love to get outdoors and connect with nature. Whether it’s on the ski hill, or kayaking at the lake with my kids and then sinking my bare feet into the Montana mud to recharge my batteries, I love it here.