RAIZ? What’s that?

Therapeutic Massage Services located in Anaconda, Montana, offered by licenced massage therapist Cynthia Fullmer, LMT. Cynthia is a fully certified Advanced Orthopedic Medical Massage Specialist.

Working hard to relieve your chronic pain.

Dig deep * Discover * RAIZ up

RAIZ (pronounced: “rise”) is the Portuguese word for “ROOT”.

My roots come from the Azores Islands of Portugal, where I was born. Now, Montana is the place I plant my roots and grow.

RAIZ Therapeutic Massage is all about roots. But in this case, I *Dig deep* to *Discover* the root cause of your chronic pain. Then, using specialized therapeutic massage techniques, I work diligently to correct the root dysfunction and facilitate healthy joint balance and muscle tissue restoration. Because a healthy muscle is a pain-free muscle.

Your life deserves the chance to be lived to its fullest potential. Chronic pain prevents that chance. I’m here to help! Let me help you *RAIZ up* and start living a life free from chronic pain.


If you are suffering from any of the following conditions RAIZ can help…

*Whiplash* *Carpal Tunnel* *Plantar Fasciitis* *Joint Replacement Surgery* *Pre and Post Surgical Recovery* *Lymphedema* *Stroke Recovery* *Knee Pain* *Frequent Ankle Sprains* *Low Back Pain* *Sciatica* *SI Joint Dysfunction* *TMJD/Jaw Pain* *Rotator Cuff Injury or surgical recovery* *Migraines and Tension Headaches* *Myofascial Pain Syndrome* *Fibromyalgia* *Tennis/Golfers elbow* *Arthritis* *Postural Dysfunction* *Hip pain* *Bursitis* *Back Injuries and Disk Issues* …and many more!


MISSION STATEMENT for RAIZ Therapeutic Massage: To relieve pain; and help individuals optimize their physical health and well-being by providing quality, individualized treatment plans that find and target the root causes of chronic pain.